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Dotty gallery displays beautifuly crafted pieces of workmanship from a range of carefully selected artists.

Below we have some biographies about some of the artists and images of their work.

You may view many items in the on-line shop and even more if you come and visit us.


Mia Sarosi

Mia Sarosi Fireworks - coming soon !

Mia is a full time artist specialising in porcelain, producing hand made and hand painted, functional and decorative pieces. She has had notable achievements in her career. 

Lyn Armitage

A Late Spring by Lyn Armitage

Lyn originates from Yorkshire where she trained to be a teacher. She moved to Leicestershire in the seventies and has been teaching and painting in Leicestershire since then.  She has exhibited with local galleries and has sold to the John Lewis group.

Louise Brown Ceramics

Louise Brown Hares

Artists biography: At school I loved art, but the combination of having an uninspiring art teacher and the need for a career with a guaranteed monthly paycheque, I studied to become a radiographer. Over the years I became increasingly unfulfilled with the lack of creativity in my job so I decided to teach myself to paint, and gradually started selling my work in galleries and online, and began doning work for publishing companies.

Lindsey Tyson

Lindsey Tyson Tea Light Holder

Working from her studio in Scarborough, Lindsey's work is inspired and driven by the love of her surroundings and the combination of many and varied textile and art processes.

A weaver by trade, Lindsey has sidestepped into the world of felt making - creating a range of work that defies its description.  With her experiemental approach and stimulated by the challenge of utilizing and mixing of defferent media, mediums and techniques are explored beyond their perceived boundaries, resulting in a range of tactile and intriguing products for fashion and the home.

Linda Warrick Ceramics

Porcelaine by Linda Warrick

Linda Warrick has had a strong affinity to clay ever since, as a child, she first worked with it. She now works solely as a ceramic artist.

For the past 17 years, she has developed her work in porcelain, hand building semi-abstract birds. Each piece is burnished before firing, then smoked in sawdust. This results in the visual uniqueness of each piece along with an irresistible tectile appeal.

Lin Lane Jewellery

Cartridge Cufflinks, Silver & 18ct Gold Plate by Lin Lane

New to Dotty is local jeweller Lin Lane. Originally from Hong Kong, Lin has lived in England for over 20 years and for the past eight years has worked at Vipa Designs, a jewellery design and manufacturing company based in Melton Mowbray. Lin's main responsibility at Vipa is craftsman and her duties include wax master set up and casting technician. Taught by Peter Crump, a specialist goldsmith, Lin has continued to expand her skills and knowledge and has recently embarked on designing her own jewellery.

Kevin Hutson Wood Turning ...

Hand turned wooden boxes by Kevin Hutson

Biography:  My first love of wood turning was in 1975 at the age of 18 when I served a five year apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery, having played chess during my lunch breaks I decided to make and carve my own chess pieces, I ended up selling that first set and a further two more, carving these pieces became time consuming to I decided to purchase a lathe, this is still the lathe I use today.

Kathryn Williamson Jewellery

Beautiful three charm pendant in sterling silver

Kathryn is based in Pittenweem, Scotland and her beautiful jewellery is hallmarked in Edinburgh. Kathryn's work draws from her sense of personal treasure trove - found objects and fragments of pottery, museum artefacts and pattern from collected and inherited  ceramics and fabric. Her work combines pattern or texture in a selection of unusual materials such as patterned papers/resin, beach pebbles, transparent enamel and semi precious stones.