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Hand turned wooden boxes by Kevin Hutson
Hand turned wooden boxes by Kevin Hutson

Biography:  My first love of wood turning was in 1975 at the age of 18 when I served a five year apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery, having played chess during my lunch breaks I decided to make and carve my own chess pieces, I ended up selling that first set and a further two more, carving these pieces became time consuming to I decided to purchase a lathe, this is still the lathe I use today.

That first touch of my new lathe baptised me into woodturning, although not trained as a ood turner, I decided to read and study as much information on the craft together with visits to local commercial wood turning companies to gain further knowledge.

Having spent several years practicing evenings and weekends on the lathe together with the approval of my parents converted the garden shed into my own workshop, where I enjoyed several late evenings and many cups of hot chocolate!!! My love for art has always been from a young age and with many hours spent perfecting my lathe skills, I felt teh need to create more aesthetic pieces, this also helped by working for a period of time as a freelance draughtsman. Going back to selling my first chess pieces induced me to become a maker and sell my work.

I managed to pluck up the courage and visit the local gallery in Brighton "Hugo Barclay"  who were well established, this also proved to become an established relationship, Hugo bought and sold my work over a period of 15 years and now I sell my work to galleries across the UK. During this period I have been a member of the Guild of Sussex Crafts and now on Register of Professional Wood turners.  I also give talks, demonstrations and teach, this has built up cherished friendships.

My work is influenced by oriental architecture and sculptures such as Barbara Hepworth and David Nash together with movement in the wood also the use of subtle surface tones and inspirational visits to London galleries, I mainly use Ash, Sycamore and Burrs, all my work is airbrushed with cellulose sand sealer and a fiinal wax finish. My workshop is now situated on the Borde Hill estate in West Sussex and I have been there for 18 years.