Mia Sarosi

Mia Sarosi Fireworks - coming soon !
Mia Sarosi Fireworks

Mia is a full time artist specialising in porcelain, producing hand made and hand painted, functional and decorative pieces. She has had notable achievements in her career. 

Mia currently sells work through a range of
 stockists including Heal’s in London the British Museum and of course, Dotty Gallery in Twyford !

Mia began working with ceramics in 1991, spending an initial seven years as an artist for a company specialising in English Delftware reproductions. She then moved into designing and making her own work, spending time learning and working with other potters. Following a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship  (QEST scholarship) in 2004, Mia has worked exclusively with porcelain.

Over the years, Mia has had notable achievements. She was a Craftsman Highly Commended Newcomer  at The British Craft Trade Fair in 2003 and featured in July 2003 and 2004 magazines. 

In the past she has supplied pottery to Fortnum and Mason, making tea caddies, jam, honey and mustard pots for their grocery department. 

Mia took part in the inaugural London Craft Week May 2015 in Make/Create, a unique project involving a collaboration between contemporary fine art and traditional crafts, exploring points of intersection between the two disciplines and challenging perceptions of both in the process. The exhibition was presented by Griffin Gallery in West London and QEST and featured the work of 13 QEST Scholars and 13 fine artists selected by Griffin.